Status update

OK, so officially, I'm leaving towards Seoul and Korea on August 20th – and I will arrive on the 21st. The university is setting me up in a hotel for the first ten days, and I get to move into my room at the Crimsonhouse at the end of August. Looking forward to it!

I still have a ton of things to do and, frankly, I think I'm going to have to panic with one thing or another before I hop on a plane. I've yet to decide on the insurance (400+ € per year seems pretty steep), I need to get a raise on my housing implement from the government (since the rent at CH is higher than at campus), I need to see some friends before I leave, I need to pack for the move, return the keys to my flat, get a hair cut (decide on a hair cut, good gods), decide what I'm going to take with me, figure out if I have the bag/s I need or if I actually have to buy a new one, check if I still need to buy something to take with me, stock up on medicine for a year, get the final vaccinations, finish up a couple of essays, oops, write and send a tutor diary for extra credits, get an official print of the academic transcripts, I had something else in mind just now, and now it's gone, finish up the animation stuff, let Lime know when I'm arriving, find out the name and address of the hotel I'm staying at... And I'm sure I'm still forgetting something.

But hey, no panic. At least I get to go.

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