Well, flying out in less than 11 hours. I guess a proper update would be appropriate, but it'll have to wait until later. Take care of yourselves and play nice!


Well, actually. It's 2:30 AM, so I don't really have that many hours left to sleep before I have to get up again and head towards the airport. But I was just sitting here, at the balcony of the Cthol Bechol residence, where we've set up my sleeping quarters for my last night in Finland for many, many moons, looking at the amazing multitude of stars, and thinking of all the things that have gone wrong so far.

I was drastically late for my packing of things for the move (as always). When my sister came to pick me and my belongings up, her car broke. We ended up spending the night at the empty room without any curtains, and failing to get a garage to help us to the extend my sister eventually fixed the car herself (OK, with her man advising her over the phone). I got horribly sick with a fever and a cold this Friday, either as a reaction to the last vaccinations or just by my horrendously tragic luck with anything that has to do with moving. I broke my parents' only suitcase, which I'm borrowing this year, by overpacking it. I scalded my hand today with boiling water, I broke my ankle (again) for no apparent reason, I had to re-strip the things I'd chosen to take with me because of a stupid 20 kg limit, and my left shoulder has a muscle so stuck my left arm is hurting because of lack of blood, or something.

But, you know, they're really all very minor things, and nothing (although the accommodation issue almost did) so far has done me in or made me fall apart in pieces. If I was superstitious, I'd say this trip is full of bad omens, but (I guess also superstitiously) I think I choose to believe that if something bad happens, something good (or at least different) will come out of it. Things just happen, I'm not too worried. I'm not even very nervous yet. Maybe I will be, come tomorrow morning (technically today).

But anyway, I'm going to lay down in semi-sitting sleeping position, so I can breathe in spite of this stupid cold, and see if i can undo the pain in the left shoulder by some massage, and see if I can maybe sleep for a few hours. Expect next update either en route, or from Korea. Bye!

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