At the studio

Seven hours straight at the drawing board (standing up) does strange and wonderful things to your back. I don't think I'll be able to get out of the bed tomorrow morning. (Today, technically.) I went to the painting studio to do the still life drawing that's due on Thursday, and the art students are incredibly nice and accommodating. None of them seems to be able to (or is too shy) to speak English, but almost as soon as I got there, they emptied one of the studio corners for me (and the Swedish exchangey) to use, and when they went to get coffee, they also brought me a coffee ice cream (which was weird but surprisingly good). Without asking, one of the guys even gave me one of his own colour prints of the still life where the flowers were still alive. I was totally taken with them and felt so welcome. :)

I was also thinking that in a similar situation in Finland, it'd be most likely that the exchange student would just be left to his/her own devices. I really want to learn Korean so I can actually talk with these people.

On other news, and totally unsurprisingly*, my mobile phone still doesn't work. Either they forgot to activate it (or something), or I've misunderstood something. But I suppose I'll stop by the store tomorrow and see if something can be done.

*This isn't Korea-angst. It's a reference to my continuous weird luck. (I can't say "bad luck", because things seem to work out, after a certain amount of anxiety experienced.)

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