It works!*

I finally have a phone! It should start working as of tomorrow – but since everything so far has been so difficult, I'm not counting on anything... (Seriously. It took over an hour today just to get to read one email. Out of 15 500. Don't ask.) I also have my alien card. I'm a registered alien. And you'd believe it, too, looking at the photo on the card. Sheesh.

Something someone said today made me think that people might think something which is very much incorrect, and while normally I wouldn't care what anyone thinks, I seem to be more sensitive here. Got it? So, just so we're clear – Daniel's happily engaged, I'm not interested, friends, that kind of thing**. I find it hard to relate to most people, and he's someone I can at least have a conversation with without feeling totally out of place. But anyway, whatever. He's Swedish, ferfoksake. 백치. :P

In Korean age, I'm 29 (by Western counting, I'm 27 for a while longer). Come January, I'll be 30. Just as Daniel so nicely put it, I get to have the 30 year crisis twice. Hooray!

(But someone just thought I was 19, so I guess it's all right.)

*internet has been shit lately.
**This reminds of first grade, when I had to stop being friends with one of the boys because the other kids were saying we "slept together".

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