Visa = fail

The difference between Seoul and Helsinki subway maps. Well, I thought it was hilarious. Thanks to Kawaiii for reminding me. :D

So we went to Home Plus again today with the girls, only this time we tried to go by subway. We made three or four line transfers and ended up on the wrong station. It was pretty funny, because we spent like an hour traveling to a place that's reachable in ten minutes by a taxi – and loads cheaper as well.

My credit card still refuses co-operation, and it's really annoying and embarrassing because I'm now having to borrow money from people I barely know. I'm going to open a bank account on Monday and transfer money from my Finnish account to that one, but that still means maybe a week without any money at all. [insert expletive here]!

Claire was paying for my shopping, bless her... So now I have a cupboard full of instant noodles*, my own spoon, chopsticks and a tea cup. I guess that covers the most important things, for now.

I had a long conversation with Vampire and Nakkel (aka Cyber) today over Skype, they looked my precise location up on Google Earth. So they've got me under satellite surveillance, too... There's just no getting away from them. All that's missing is a web cam, and it's like I never even left Finland. :P

*Deja-vu – this reminds me of my previous student days...

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