Why would I miss my game consoles? Because occasionally I've been getting tired of always having to be around people; or always sitting at the computer (talking to people). I love my video games, they're a great way to shut my brain off for a while and to get my mind off things. So anyway. Status report...

I think I'm at a part of the culture shock process where I find certain little things incredibly annoying (or it could just be my usual self). This week pretty much sucked – I have a lot to do, and some assignments have been driving me crazy. Some art things (but those I can usually figure out sooner or later), but the worst at the moment is for the Korean History course. We have to write a research paper on some text or picture from East Asia, from 19th century to present day, which has to do with colonialism or nationalism. I've just been completely lost with it.

Alex (one of the guys in my history class) gave me an idea about doing mine about manga or manhwa (that is, Japanese or Korean comics), but i'm having major trouble finding a good source. And then I need to find it translated into English. (It's either that or getting someone to translate for me, which doesn't really seem like a fair use of another student's time. Even if he is cute. *cough*)

Anyway. My mission for today is to peel myself off the computer, get my laundry done so I can head back to the studio. I'm hoping to get started on my fresco #2 this weekend. Fresco #1 is in stage two – now missing the final coat, I think, and then paint. Exciting...

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