Moral hangover*

I don't know if it's my conscience or something real, but since the last time I went out with the people from the studio, I've been dreading to meet them again. (They did insist they wanted to see me drunk--!) So on the first day of the semester, I finally faced them since that night. It was less painful than I thought, but I swear there were looks. (I didn't behave that badly, or at least not by myself--!) Or something. (That could be a part of the problem.) I want to stop cringing at the memory of that particular evening already. (OK, in some parts maybe it was just me.) Damn it. I'm not saying it wasn't fun that night, because it was. And I freely admit that I like going out drinking. (And some people complain that I never seem drunk enough.) But it is possible that maybe, just maybe, I've gone overboard a couple of times while Majbritt was here. (Compared to them, maybe.) *cough*

I just wish I could move on and stop thinking about it. It's difficult enough to make friends without having to think what they think.

- - -

Despite all this, things are pretty much all right. This week is orientation week anyway, and we can still add & drop courses next week, so wheels aren't turning at full speed yet. I think this semester I'll have to try to keep myself up-to-date with the assignments all the time, and actually schedule Korean study-time for myself (and do it somewhere other than in my room...), because with seven courses I reckon I'll be pretty damn busy once everything starts running normally. Social life? Who needs it...


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