Wire: 3 – Laura: 0

First blood: Wire

Number of wire-sculptures finished: 0

Hour of returning home: 6:20

Number of blogs updated before going to bed: 2

Number of hours of sleep last night: 3

Number of sunrises observed: 1

Number of fingers hurtin': 10

Number of chickens consumed: 1

I like working at the studio at night, but I'm glad I borrowed Daniel's PSP. There's nothing quite like a round or two of Burnout crash-driving to relieve wire-sculpture-related frustrations. Tonight was the first time, however, that I actually locked the door to the studio while I was working. Last week, some homeless guy went in and went through everyone's cabinets (I mean, even the cardboard box housing my pastels was opened) and nicked all the food and snacks from the studio. It says something significant about the difference of Finnish homeless and Korean homeless that the soju bottles in plain sight were all left alone. (He did open one girl's instant coffee packs, though, and poured it on the floor.) Nothing was broken, or anything else taken.

Of course, that particular night, I was the last one working at the studio, but I know I locked the door when I left. [enter randomised guilt]

Mmm. There's my bed right there.

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