Crouchy dragon

Another productive night at the studio: I was working on a miniature model of a styrofoam sculpture, the topic of which was some existing film. I started with Oldboy (I posted the concept sketches before), but in the end I chose Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Because it just made for a more fun project. The final work – provided that this somewhat-less-than-abstract passes the teacher's approval – will be about twice this size, making it about 40-50 cm in height. I hope.

Front (or back)

Back (or front)


Despite the challenges, it surprisingly only took about 4 hours from start to finish. In the beginning, I used the wrong kind of glue – it reacted like acid with the styrofoam – and hence the dark areas you can see on the bottom character.

That was fun.

The second problem was to figure out how to suspend the top character in the air without placing its entire weight on the bottom character (which might work in this size, but the final will be somewhat heavier). In the end, I opted for the bamboo forest theme, although I was a bit doubtful about it at first. It ended up working beautifully (at least I think so).

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