Happy thoughts

I got a call from the matriarch of the Karlsson Clan today – Krista woke me up at 12:30 PM to challenge me to go out and photograph five things that make me happy*. Unlike in their part of Finland, my hometown today was grey, windy and cold, so I opted to stay indoors. But I did photograph today's happy thoughts:

1) Lord of the Rings (again) and Coelho's By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. I'm all set for the weekend.

2) I may not have friends to play pool with, but there's a 9-ball game on Wii.

3) Pool sharks for breakfast. 'Nuff said.

4) Matrix is on TV today!

5) ... and I have munchies.

*She hasn't turned new agey or anything, but I was in a bad way yesterday when she called. I could go on about the whys and whatnots, but I'm sure there's another rant there for when I feel like I need to let out some steam. Given my situation, though, my friends online have been very good in listening to me list all the bad things in life for several weeks now...

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