Moving. We hatessss it.

So, I got a student flat (finally), wherein I shall share a bathroom and a kitchen with another girl. I just dug into my parents' cellar to sort through my things, and I found that I have a lot of neat stuff, some awesome junk and some pretty pointless items, which I nevertheless like. There's actually a surprisingly small amount of things I'd throw out without a second thought – I guess I've moved (country) enough times to get rid of everything unnecessary. On the other hand, I don't seem to hold many (if any) items loaded with quantities of personal value such as memories. I have... pretty junk.

I'm not taking any furniture with me, which means that I will sleep on top of a thick comforter, on the floor, and apparently will surround myself with piles of things which will also be on the floor. (There is usually a closet for clothes in the student flats, though.) For someone with a strong nest-building instinct*, this situation is causing anxiety and prejudiced loathing towards the said living quarters already. I've never even seen the place. This time, I'm only allowed to bring whatever fits into my parents' tiny Opel, and they make me guilt-trip everytime I want to bring anything that isn't single-served and purposeful. (1 (one) spoon, small. 1 (one) spoon, large. 1 (one) set of chopsticks. 1 (one) fork. 1 (one) knife. 1 (one) pillow. ... "Do you need more than two sets of sheets?")

I'm expecting to have 11,5 sq meters of echoey, cold room with a tooth brush in the corner. Which reminds me, I don't have any lights...

My parents are making me stressed out. Every time they question anything, my instant snap-answer is "Fine! Don't bring it!" (Hence no mattress, no bicycle, no bookshelf.) What I really, really want to do right now, is to graduate, move to Korea, take all my belonging with me, and never ever fucking move again. Ever. Never ever.

* It has nothing to do with breeding, and a lot to do with caves. Think of treasures, and of dragons.**

** On second thoughts, I guess this is my chance to do the dragon thing and literally sleep on top of everything I own. Although I have a feeling that it will be slightly less comfortable than it looks like. Dragons have strong belly scales, obviously, whereas I'm all soft. Everywhere.

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