Samurai ascetism

We didn't actually move any furniture to my new place* – I only have two small coffee tables (which were at the Karlsson Clan residence), and the rest of my life happens mostly on the floor. So I was sitting cross-legged on my futon the other night, a sake-cup** in one hand, and a calligraphy bush in the other, feeling like a samurai.

I'd like to post some photos, but I'm still lacking photo-editing software. >_<

I miss my books and dragons, but I also love living in such an uncluttered environment. I really need to graduate soon, move the the country of my choice and have a real home wherefrom I don't have to move out in a couple of years. I'm really sick of moving right now, and I wish I could already settle in somewhere. At least for a while. (In Korea. :D)

*Since I still don't know if I'm going back to Korea or not.
**Minus sake, plus Bailey's cream liquor, which I got for my birthday.

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