Colour retentive

I do love my new bookshelf.<3


JMAC said...

Stumbled across your blog. Wonderful comics. I took a load of books out of my bookcase. I hadn't read or re-read them for years - so it made sense. I didn't have much of a bookcase left and it had a profound effect on me and the room. I put them back and there was again a rich presence in the room. It doesn't matter if you don't read them or if they're only dipped into now and again. They're better room sculptures than furniture, paintings or photos. Bookcases are important, even if its only an IKEA one like mine.

Kati said...

been shopping in Ikea then? !

laura said...

JMAC~  It's true - for me, books make a home. I read and re-read them, but there are also a lot of books that really just stay in the shelf, but I wouldn't get rid of them for nothing. :)

Kati~ Yup. Needed storage space and somewhere to put the rest of my books.