Linen shopping

So last night my Korea University "Buddy" Minsub (did I already mention that he's been super-nice and helpful?) took me shopping for some essential things I had to leave in Finland because I was only allowed to bring about 20 kg worth of things (for a year!), such as shampoo, towels, bedsheets... And dear god. We only went to one place but the bedsheets and towels were... absolutely horrible. They were all in pastel shades with pink flowers and frills and the works. I was bleeding on the inside just for having to buy a pale pink bath towel with embroidered pink flowers on it. I postponed the buying of bed linen for a later date in hope that I'll find something that doesn't resemble Little Women on steroids. I'm sure there's a store somewhere that sells things in black... or just plain white, even. If all else fails, I'm going to ask mum to send me my own stuff – but I just can't get myself to buy something so damn sweet.

All things considered, if this is my worst problem at the moment, things are probably going pretty well. :D

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