Yogio! Soju han pyeong deo chuseyo!

...is the phrase I have learned to regret. :D

Yes. That's what I was taught to say to order more soju... the local beverage. It's kind of like vodka but tastes a little better and isn't quite as strong. And I definitely had too much of it last night. I rarely drink, but I think the Finnish genes kicked in last night. Yeah... soju. Dangerous.

We had a fun day/night though, and went to see a film in a DVD-room. We watched a Korean comedy, but I don't know the name of it. It was pretty funny, the story was easy enough to follow even though I didn't understand a word of it. The next stop was bar and food, and cake – one of the exchange students had a birthday – and then... omg. Nore-bang. Karaoke.

I never, ever sing in public.*
I can't sing to save my life.
And everyone else was really good. Eventually I did Da Doo Ron Ron, and I was still blushing half an hour later. But yeah, it was fun too.

So, after that we went to another bar, which is where I learned the Korean phrase to order more soju. Eventually we took a taxi back to the hotel at maybe 2 am, and I think I was still drunk when I got up this morning. Oh well. The welcoming party is tonight, after we move our things to the Crimsonhouse. Uh oh. ^__^;

*in a car with a friend doesn't count, ok? :D

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