All-righty-ergy, lol

Contrary to expectations, I'm not blogging from behind a tombstone, by the way. Most of my friends, and probably family too, have been convinced that while in Korea, I'll eat something I'm fatally allergic to and drop dead. Well, it hasn't happened … and not for lack of trying. I've almost literally been eating everything here, short of actual fish or seafood. But I'm eating kimchi pretty liberally (which can, and probably often does, contain small amounts of seafoody things), I'm sure I've eaten bean-things without knowing about it, and I've definitely tasted all kinds of fruits and vegetables I'd normally get a reaction to. But – none.

OK, I had one allergic reaction. I tried a sun-dried fruit, which might have been a persimmon, and got an almost instant reaction to it. Then yesterday I tasted fresh persimmon, and... nothing.

Weird. But nice. I'm definitely enjoying this while it lasts. (Maybe it's possible that with all the strange food and substances my body's defenses have overloaded and it's decided not to bother with the minor stuff? How's that for a sound medical explanation?)

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