I feel so goooooood. We just had a wonderful walk up and down the hills. I feel better about my fitness, too. I thought I'd be in a crap shape, but I did all right. The Hawaiian girls and Valerie went back after an hour, but Rosa and I continued for another 45 minutes. I feel great.

I gotta have a shower and start reading up on tomorrow's article for the history class... Damn.

I thought I'd be really bored this week as it's the Chuseok holiday and everything's pretty much closed, but it's been OK. I've been at the studio a couple of times (because it's preferable to sitting in my room or in the lobby with the computer), and yesterday my friend Ji Eun invited me over to her house for lunch (and everything was delicious!)... We also went to see a film in the cinema, and when we came back, her family and guests were having dinner, so I ended up having dinner with them as well. I hope I didn't overstay my welcome. I'm kind of terrified all the time to make some huge social error and I wouldn't even notice.

(We also talked with Rosa just now how I can't read the Asian or Korean body language and expressions the same way I probably can with Europeans.)

A funny/strange thing happened with the cinema thing. We watched Bourne Ultimatum, and when the film ended and the lights came on, I realised I was in Korea. It was weird. During the film, my brain or eyes or something fell back into the habit of seeing westerners, and they/I was shocked when the lights came on and everyone around me was Asian again. It was weird and kind of funny.

So, tomorrow I have my only uncancelled class this week (aside from the two I'm missing because of [read on]), and afterwards we're planning to go to a museum or two. Then on Friday, KU has arranged a field trip for the exchange students, we're off to a Korean Folk Village, and we're also staying overnight. I heard it's going to be fun and games and drinking...

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