First day of school

Aight. First day of school in Korea! It turned out to be interesting. The first class was a Comparative History Of East Asian Cultures, which seemed really interesting. There was a handful of us exchange students in there. It took forever for the professor and his assistant to try to get the AV working, which wouldn't, and then they started talking... and talking... The professor spoke and wrote in Chinese, and the assistant was translating to Korean. I was looking around and all exchangeys were exchanging looks like "...what? I dunno...!"

Steve actually had his hand up for a long time, but the professor was just ignoring him, but as they didn't seem to start talking in English, I put my hand up and he immediately acknowledged me. *LOL* So, turns out the class is indeed held in Chinese only, and it was listed under English language by mistake – so we walked out of the class and into the International Affairs Office. I ended up switching to Contemporary Art Criticism* for Monday mornings. Eek. There seems to be a whole lot to read for that class, and – naturally – some of the books are no longer available. I was late for the orientation, but apparently the message was something like "Figure it out". I lolled.

I also ended up switching Theories of Motion Pictures for Environmental Design, because both classes were full, but the former has no syllabus or any information in the course listing, and it might be something I've already taken in Finland. And anyway, Environmental Design probably less reading and writing and more doing and talking. The Korean beginner's course only really starts tomorrow; today we were handed the syllabus and the name of the required text book.

I ended up not being able to sort out the bank account today – I couldn't get a hold of Minsub (I really need to arrange for a phone soon), so I borrowed Daniel's buddy, Young-Bin... But we had lunch first (and such lunch... omg... love) and then there was a huge crowd at the bank, and it turned out I needed another paper anyway before getting the bank account, so we're going to try to sort it out again tomorrow.

So, now the plan is to try to get an hour or two of rest and then tonight Daniel and I (and probably other people as well) will go and eat out. And probably drink out, too. After living on instant noodles for two days, I'm already looking forward to that. (If only I could digest the lunch first...)

*I'm not sure why it's "contemporary" art criticism, since it focuses on Western art from 60's and 70's... But it seems relatively interesting, and we're required to attend some contemporary art exhibitions. Cool.

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