First week!

Right! My first week of (actual) studies in the Korea University is done. I had my presentation on Thursday for the Korean History course, and that means I have no more writing assignments for that course, except for the final paper at the end of the semester. I have no idea what the professor or the class thought of the paper or the presentation. One of my assumptions was apparently blatantly incorrect, but uh... never mind.

I also returned my first assignment for the Media Art course today. We had to make a kind of a self-introductory piece with the concept of chocolate. Mine's an animation, because I was totally at a loss on what to do. I don't really like chocolate that much... You can view it here.

So, meeting Gord in person today! I'm looking forward to it, and nervous at the same time, because... Well, because I'm always nervous when I have to meet new people. The weather today has been pleasantly less-hot, but on the downside it's raining. I wouldn't mind otherwise, but I was hoping to shoot some photos, and that's not going to happen if I'm stuck with an umbrella. Oh well... I shall make a comprehensive report later on.

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