Meeting Mr. Sellar

Met up with Gord in Hong Ik (although the exit we'd agreed to meet at actually didn't exist anymore) and, despite the weather, had a really nice evening with more lovely food (I love the fact I'm eating different and new things almost every day) and a bit of a walk around the area and had some nice tea and wonderful cake... I normally wouldn't, but as he (or me?) put it, I'm a social sinner. Heh. Anyway, if you have a chance to meet Gord, make sure to do so. You'd have to look pretty hard to find a nicer guy – and the same goes for Lime. Brilliant couple.

[Gord demonstrating the Ultraman]

Hong Ik seems like an interesting place, I really want to go back with more time and less downpour. We even located an art supply store and I felt like a kid in a candystore (and also like an elephant in a porcelain store (Finnish) or a, what was it, a bull in a china store? For such a tiny store, it felt like you could turn a corner, squeeze between the shelves and find yourself in Narnia.) Anyway. Copic markers! Ink! Brushes! Decent sketchpads! Selection of different types of paper! Artsy stuff! Yay!

And Gord: No, you didn't ramble on – I love a good conversation anytime.

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