Nothing particular

Suffering from randomised angst and general thingy-anxiety today. Bwah. I don't think it's anything specific, but rather just stuff I've brought with me... So, nothing new under the sun.

Had the orientation class for Environmental Design today, it's taught by an Italian architect. I'm in two minds about the course – on one hand, I really suck at product design projects (and such), and on the other, it'd probably be good practice for 3D stuff. And since I'm bad at it, all the more reason to take the course... maybe.

I'm considering dropping the Art Criticism course, but I think I'll go next Monday to see if it seems interesting at all (I think the add/drop period is until the end of next week). If not, I'll probably ditch it. At least I get another morning I can sleep in.

Also, managed to get my rent paid, and as of next month, I'm switching to a teeny tiny room, which is much cheaper. As nice as this room is, I don't really need all this space.

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