Despite the fact that it feels like cheating, I've decided to drop the Art Criticism course. Not having full 19 credits for the semester makes me feel like I'm letting myself go too easy, but... I guess one of the reasons I'm here (in Korea) is to grow as a person (Not to mention the fact I've been obsessing over coming to Asia for years.) and perfectionism is one of the things I think I need to work on. I'm always pushing myself to do the best I can, so I make every project a little bigger and a little harder than I need to, and then I never have time to finish everything the way I want to, so I'm never actually happy with the outcome. Perfectionism. Damn it.

So, I'm dropping Art Criticism. I'm half-inclined to also drop the Environmental Design, but hey... baby steps. :P

On another note, I'm photographing less than normally, I think. I'm in two minds about carrying the camera with me – on one hand, I wish I could photograph everything, but on the other it makes stand a little apart from everything else. Documenting instead of experiencing, if you will. I'm already bad with people as it is, and I consider the camera a bit of a social clutch (documenting vs. experiencing) so I like to leave it behind*. (Plus the fact that I'm lazy.) Either way, some new pics here and here.

Anyway, I think I have some new readers from Korea (or an occasional one, anyway), so I'm kind of self-conscious about writing at the moment. (안녕하세요!)

*Or don't like. But I seem to strive to put myself into situations outside of my comfort zone and to keep challenging myself.

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