I Will Never Drink Again™

OK, so I was absolutely asking for a beating, when I complained that people can't drink as much as I can. I have learned that this is a good thing. Heheh. Damn. On Saturday morning, I once again remembered precisely why I detest drinking and being drunk, but let's not get into details. (They're a little hazy in parts anyway.) So yesterday morning I suffered a rare phenomena best described as a major hangover (at least a moral hangover... the flashbacks, dear gods... I wasn't sick per se) and swore off alcohol for good (or at least until next time). Eventually I managed to get myself on the move, and lured Daniel (who in turn picked up Grace and Chris) out as well with promise of pizza. Mmmm, pizza. In wasn't all that special in the end, but we managed to kill a couple of them anyway.

My big plan for yesterday was to go to the studio, but in the end, we sat at a cafe for a couple of hours, while the rest of them decided against clubbing (I'd not have joined them on that venture), then at a Playstation cafe for a little while, then headed up to their dorm to have some dinner, and at this time it was around 10 PM. Decided to go to Hyehwa to catch a late movie (and, en route, acquired Takeshi into our entourage), got there, found out all films were in Korean (or Japanese), decided to go to a DVD-room instead. So, back to the subway station. We got as far as Dongmyo when the trains stopped running. Luckily, a couple of familiar buses go through Dongmyo to the university, so in the end we found our way back to Anam, right outside the pizza place where we started out from. Went to see Night at the Museum in a DVD room. It was OK, and funny enough, but I think having seen the trailers for the the film kind of spoiled it for me. Why do they show the best bits in a trailer? Weird...

So, all of having sworn off alcohol the previous night, we obviously didn't want to go home after the film (at around 4 AM), so somehow ended up in a bar, drinking soju mixers and beer until five thirty in the morning. Chris, Grace and Daniel took a taxi up the hill (lol) to the dorm house, while Takeshi and I stopped by at McDonalds for breakfast. I think I ended up in bed at around 7 AM.

So, today's my day off, right. I'm doing laundry, and as soon as I have clean clothes, I'm heading to the studio to ward off the Boredom. I pretty much screwed up the first fresco at the painting stage, so I want to plan an easy/good picture for the next fresco.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I've agreed to have dinner with some people (that's to say, probably people from my group and some others), and I've told everyone numerous times I don't want a party, presents or any other surprises, but I'm not 100% sure the message has gone through. I'm still tempted not to show up, but I guess that would be mean...

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