So, I saw the art course "shut up" guy today and apologised. Unsurprisingly, he had no idea what I was talking about and didn't understand a word I was saying (except possibly the "shut up" bit) (OK, and maybe the "i'm sorry" bit). Oh well. Now I can move on again, at least.

Midterm week. I'm so damn bored, everyone else is busy studying. Went to Itaewon – it wasn't so bad earlier in the day, but no dice with the trousers. I guess I'm stuck to wearing skirts until/unless I lose enough weight to fit into local trousers. Damn it. I pestered* Daniel into having dinner with me... Then ice cream... Then coffee... And then I walked him home (lol) and we probably started a whole new generation of rumours by sitting outside the dorm and chatting.

Tomorrow I'll do some work on my fresco. For real. Honestly. I will.

*he was supposed to be studying for one of his midterms tomorrow.

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