Ko-Yon Games

OMG, what a weekend. The Korea-Yonsei university games were on friday and saturday... Interesting experience. I'm not much of a sports spectator, but damn, Koreans are weird! We were at the baseball game (the first of five different games), trying to learn the cheering songs and dances for a couple of hours, and suddenly I realised that the actual game had already started a while ago, and there were even a couple of runs/scores/thingies already – but no one was watching the game! That was just strange. Of course, we were all exchangeys seated together, and for some reason most of the buddies weren't there, so there was hardly anyone around who actually knew about the cheering, so it was a little... strange.

A bunch of us continued afterwards to the ice hockey game (waaaaayyyyy across the city), were there for a couple of hours with more cheering and all that, when we found out that the game was cancelled because Yonsei Uni was boycotting because of some referee-disagreement... Thanks, guys. We traveled back home, had a dinner... and ended up going drinking. It was just me and Daniel, but we dragged Ryan along because between just the two of us, we just sit around insulting each other. :P

As a result, I was half-dead on Saturday morning, woke up late, had no time to eat and headed to the second day of games. This time it was rugby and soccer, and the same strange cheering -like -silly -but -not -caring -about -the -game experience. On one hand, we were with a more familiar bunch of people, and I at least knew some of the cheering moves, so it was more fun... On the other, I was tired and starving. By the time we got to the end of the games and more friendly celebrating* between the two uni supporters, I was pretty cranky and just wanted to get home and get something to eat. Yes, I probably deserved to be called the "sunshine" by Daniel, but I had to hurt him anyway for that. Damn it.

Eventually we got back to the KU area, had dinner (yee-hay!) and went out drinking. Apparently, the KU alumni were paying for free beer, but I'm not sure if I saw any of that. It ended up being a pretty funny night. Minsub claimed we were going to drink ourselves to death and that I wasn't allowed to go home at all that night, but again he ended up being the first one to fade out (actually, he went out with his own friends).

Minsub: Daniel! Let's get killed!
Daniel: Are you crazy, I am NOT fighting Laura.
Me: Ha-ha. He's talking about drinking.


Me: (after demonstrating my mad martial art skillz on Daniel) I'm sorry, are you ok?
Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm not laying on the street bleeding and crying.
Me: Yeah, cos that'd be funny. :D


Me: Xxx, teach me an insult!
Xxx: *whisper, whisper* Say it to InKi! Hey InKi, Laura has something to say!
Me: 개새끼!
InKi: NOOOO! Laura, what are you doing?!
Me: He told me to say it!
InKi: That's a very bad word! Do you know what it means?!
Me: No! *innocent*
Xxx: NOOO! Laura, what are you doing?!!


Unfortunately, he wrote those words behind my allergy note, and when I had to ask one of my class mates to write another one for me, he tore up the original. I learned most of them already anyway. :D

(I know girls don't use those words. I only use them against Daniel, anyway.)

Oh yeah, clicky above for photos from the field trip... and here for the rest of the Ko-Yon photos. (Alas, no photos from the afterparty. Probably a good thing.)

*A bit too friendly, we thought. It would have been fun to see some actual rivalry happening between the supporters. :P

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