Sleepless in Seoul

Not sleeping seems to be becoming a habit. I've been dead tired for most of the week, and yesterday I could barely function anymore... So I went to bed at around 8 PM. Couldn't sleep. Tried again at 11 PM. No luck. Again a little later... No. Eventually, I think I fell asleep at around 5 AM – so much for my plans of getting stuff done in the morning, so I could get to the studio early and finish my watercolour early so I could actually read tomorrow's article and reaction papers while still awake and actually get to bed before midnight. I was also wide awake at 9 AM, but I stretched that until 11 so I won't (hopefully) be drinking that much coffee today. Coffee is evil.

Ah well.

Did I mention I prefer this small room? Because I do. I find it much homier than the previous one. Could also be because I have my black bedsheets now (with white skulls).

So, one of my friends talked me into trying protein shakes. She gave me some that tastes like industrial strawberry and smells something awful. Oh wise and varied readership (yes, I mean both of yous), share your experiences and knowledge. Protein shakes/meal replacement stuff: good or evil?

(One of my classmates said he's Kakashi from Naruto. "I hope you release him from the closet some day," Nakkel said. And yeah, I might.)

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