Mmmhmmm... procrastination...

I love my Korean history* course. I don't even know if I'm doing very well, but it's so damn interesting, and I like the professor's teaching and way of discussing things. The only negative thing I can say is that his hearing is too damn good. *cough* It's a good thing he at least reacts with a sense of humour (even if I come across as a brat, I don't know), some teachers might take "shut up" the wrong way...**

Frankly, I'm supposed to be hard at work right now, at least getting started on the media art project that was due last week (I had a great idea, only it's too big and too expensive). But it seems like a perfect time for updating the blog.

I realised today that I'd forgotten about November. Damn. I thought I only had a problem with December – that is, I only have money to pay the rent, but for nothing else – but it seems I shall not eat in November, either. I need a)magical money supply, b)beg from my parents, c)get over a number of random phobias and try to find a job. Or, I could just try living on tea and crackers for two months... I'm sure it's possible.

I'm not really sure how the money thing went that bad, but here we are. Hmmph. Somehow I managed to spend the entire student loan for this semester by now. (I blame the 20kg limit on the airplane. I had to buy loads of stuff when I came here... Where else could it have gone?)

I've come to a conclusion that everyone else is seeing my buddy more than I am. It's probably because I'm always at the studio, and everyone else (OK, 90% of the exchangeys) are in business management or related courses.*** He saw me yesterday to help with some stuff and to try to persuade me into presenting Finland in the KU international festival... But no luck. I'm the only Finn here, I'm actually busy with my courses (perfectionist, ok), and the thought of having to represent Finland or being a focus of attention in that context just makes me uncomfortable. I did say that if I end up doing a booth for Finland, I'm going to paint it black and sit quietly in the corner – all in black, of course – drinking vodka by myself. It would be pretty accurate, at least from a given point of view.****

Damn it. I can't think of anything else to write about, but I'm experiencing a severe lack of motivation to do any actual work. One hour to go for lunch... Maybe I should bring my sketchbook up to date.

*Actually, "the history of colonisation in East Asia", but the former is easier to type.
**I said it to Daniel, ok! What kind of a person do you think I am? Sheesh.
***And not, say, because I'm an idiot no one could possibly want to spend time with.

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