- wake up
- make art

So I've been angsting over this media art project for ages, until I finally got a brilliant idea the day before the last deadline. Well, that idea was way too big to be produced for this course, so I had to think up something in a smaller scale. I finally gave up last night.

So I got up this morning, and made this thing. The transparent sheets are prints of actual IRC logs (although recent IRC events on my channel would be much better material for this purpose), and the tube thingy is lined with them. The Korean word in the end of the tube means "life". Life is being reflected off the IRC logs. See? See? I'm so clever.


Some day there will come a time when I will not come up with some usable idea at the last possible moment. It doesn't even feel like I'm being creative, it's more like sheer luck*. I'm the first one to admit that the idea isn't very exciting or even very clever, but hell, it's better than the ones I've been trying to force out, or none at all. But one day... I know it... One day I will find myself facing a deadline with empty hands and empty head. The moment of truth. :D

*although Rock Lee said in Naruto that Gai-sensei said that luck is a skill, too.**
** LOL, i'm such a geek

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