Oh, crap

Strange things are happening. I came by an article the other day, something about french fries, and suddenly I'm craving for a good steak and proper fries. The latter part I usually detest. Damn these cultural longings. (Had a Popeyes meal the other day and it was as gross as you can expect from fast food.)

The other thing that's bothering me, is that this guy from my art class was being nice to me (I was whining something about me being as stupid as my stupid ideas, and he looked up and said "No, you're a genius.") and I told him to shut up. Oh. Fuck. That was a total gut reaction – in Finland (or most of Europe, even) what he said would most likely have been sarcasm, so I responded the only way I knew how. At least I laughed on top. Or maybe that's even worse. Anyway, this happened like last week, and it's still bothering me. Damn it. I really have to learn to shut up myself.

Also, just to be sure there are no misunderstandings, I have no idea why that guy from last post was flirting with me. I was in a bar straight out of a studio, in my crappy (now way too big) clothes stained with glue and whatnot, looking like shit, and there were all these cute girls at the table. And he was a complete player, too. It was fun, and it would be a great ego boost, if I wasn't such a cynical/paranoid bastard. My first reaction is "What do you want?" And the second one is "Yeah, right. What do you really want?"

So, heading to Itaewon today. Having another go at shopping, although I feel doomed to begin with. Really don't want to go. But I really need trousers that won't fall off me. Damn it.

And I still don't have a topic for my national/colonial history research paper. Damn it.

There's bound to be something good about this week... wait... Had two Korean exams this week (midterms yay), the first one was way too easy, and, haha, only found out in the second exam we should have memorised the speech. So I went to the front of the class and said:
안녕핬십니까. 미안합니다,한국말물라요. 저는라우라입니다. 만나서 반갑습니다. 저는핀란드사람입니다,Helsinki에서왔아요. Uhhh. 학생입니다. 3D animation 공부합니다 그래서 비디어 games 을좋압니다. Uhhh. Ummm. 감사합니다!

[How are you? Sorry, I don't speak Korean. My name is Laura, nice to meet you. I'm from Finland, from Helsinki. Uhhhh. I'm a student, majoring in 3D animation, so I like video games. Uhhh. Ummmm. Thank you!]
Haha. That went well. Damn it.

My mum sent me a couple of T-shirts (yay! Except they're too big, and I don't have the heart to tell her*) for my birthday. And my Visa-bill. Damn it.

I also have another wee problem, but it really isn't good blogging material (no, really), so I'll leave that one to your imaginations. I'm sure you can come up with something far more interesting that what it really is. Enjoy!

*that's a strange saying. Actually, I have a heart, so I can't tell her. Sheesh.

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