Dear Diary...

'Neglect' seems to be the word best associated with this blog lately – I tend to update the Finnish blog more often, and somehow I'm always short on time or motivation to write. (But it's not like I'm married to this blog anyway.)

So, birthday has been and gone, and – I think I mentioned – it was far less embarrassing or awkward than I feared. It almost didn't start out so well. Apparently, there was a miscommunication at some stage, and (I know I was right, OK?) Daniel, Chris, Grace and I were at the university main gate promptly at 6 PM, as agreed. And no one else showed up. For a while there I was... well, I guess unsurprised is the accurate word for a pessimist. I thought, "Oh. It's this thing again." But eventually it turned out the others were at the other gate, we joined them, and the rest is history. And thus I am officially a year older again (by Western count, of course).

There is photographic evidence, of course.

[This one featuring Takeshi pouring a fraction of the shots I downed that night, and myself crying for mercy next to him]

By Korean count – and I know I talked about this before – I'm turning 30 in the beginning of January, which, according to Minsub, is the age after which no company in Korea will hire people. I've been kind of hoping to be able to stay in Korea (or at least to come back here after graduating), but I don't know how it works with foreigners. In fact, having been isolated from working with animations and 3D animation in particular, I'm beginning to have doubts whether I can do it at all anymore (or after all). I love Korea. But it's wrecking all kinds of havoc on my self esteem.

I was out with Minsub, Ai, Chris and a couple of Minsub's friends one day last week (I don't know which day anymore: all days and bars and restaurants just melt into a jumble, especially from that particular week). It was nice to meet his friends and to see him in a different environment. I think I learned more about him during those few hours than in the past two months in total... Some of it I really didn't need to know... And since that evening he seems to be particularly happy to share news about his bodily functions and such.

"So, our relationship is at that stage now."

I think we have finally managed to clear the gossip regarding Daniel and myself, but let's see what emerges following up last weekend's trip to the Nami island, a popular romantic destination for couples and families... We went as a big group, but for one reason or another, Minsub and I ended up walking a little apart from the rest of them a couple of times – and apparently the girls were all excited. ("Oooh! They're going to hold hands!") The island was pretty enough, but perhaps a little too crowded to be considered all that romantic.

Here's a special thought over to Milla, who's missing the Finnish autumn over in Italy. :3

[And the rest of the pictures can be viewed here]

I'm too frustrated to edit the photos about the first fresco work I did in the studio painting class (because the piece really sucks), but I finished the second piece last night. Mostly inspired by Ursula Vernon, I've wanted for some time now to have a go at creating something vaguely Russian-religious-icon-ish, and fresco just seemed like a good medium for it. In the end, I didn't really think the work through all that well, and I'm not all that pleased with the picture itself... But anyway, here's my Saint of Video Games for your viewing pleasure:

Yes, I'm aware the eyes are at a different level. It was already starting to crack while I was working on the picture (which has to be finished in the few hour window when the lime plaster is still wet – dry enough to work on but not too dry), so I'm a little afraid to go check on the fresco tomorrow. If things have gone wrong, the lime layer might just fall off in all kinds of pieces, along with the painting, of course.

In case you're wondering, the fresco was painted with water colour on a layer a wet lime plaster, which is on top of two layers of different kinds of plaster, all wrapped around a piece of Styrofoam covered with fiberglass mesh. Got it?

(the watercolour original can be viewed here, among other places)

And now, I think, it's about time to stop procrastinating (or to procrastinate with other, more exciting things) and get back to work on my history research paper, which is due on Tuesday and on which I've barely worked at all. I chose my topic two days ago.

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