Life returns. No, wait~

To top off an incredibly busy two week final exams period, I met up with Daniel and headed out for some xmas shopping. We started in Insa-dong (and I probably know the dodgiest possible route there, haha), and bought some touristy crap for a while... But all shops pretty much have the same things for the same price, so it got a bit old after a while. I really, really, really wanted to buy a wooden katana for myself (it's only 10 000 won! Or 5000!) but I resisted the temptation... for now. I think I'll get one later on... Unless I find a nice metal replica thing for not too much money.

We headed out to Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun afterwards, and damn! Where is my camera when I need it? I need to go back some evening to photograph the xmas lights... so pretty. The lights are my favourite thing of this time of the year. I didn't get nearly all xmas gifts sorted, but it was really good to get out of Anam for a while.

I even managed to operate a taxi in Korean for the first time. I'm so proud! :D

So, finals are all done, returned all my projects and only await results now. We have a party/dinner tomorrow with the art studio people to say goodbye to Helena, who's leaving in about a week. I'm only now (at the end of the semester) getting to know the guys... But better late than never, I suppose. The professor wants us to work on a big fresco project for the next couple of weeks, but I'm not sure... If I'm really bored (which is likely, since everyone's leaving), I think it'll be good to have something to do, but at the same time if I actually need to socialise with people who've yet to leave, I feel kind of compelled to do that as well.

No plans for the winter break so far, but I'm going to Busan to stay with Minsub's family for a few days after xmas, and in January I have that extra Korean language course I'm looking forward to. Boredom... reminds me – I did another artsy project for the Media Art course. Below. But it's best viewed as the original, which you can see by clicking 'download' on this page.

[Boredom is a human invention. (play)]

Ummm, what else. Oh yeah – this semester, I've done three frescos. For details, clicky piccy. Note the praiseworthy title.

And thus I shall turn in and spend a few hours turning and cussing at my stupidity – eating donuts (sugar & carbs) and drinking coffee at around midnight probably isn't one of the smartest things I've done lately.

(Then again, by comparison, on a deadline season and a day and a half to the final deadline of pretty much everything, going out drinking with the art students probably pales everything else to mere silliness. It was fun, though, and I did manage to work until 7 AM anyway that night.)

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