Under pressure!

Because it's morning, I've yet to go to sleep, I have class in two hours and the video is still not ready, and Flash is currently in a long thinking mode. Deadline period! I'm not expecting to get much sleep until next week is over, and this week has been pretty crazy too. I've been working at the studio until 2–4AM, and usually a couple of hours at home after that, and tonight I pulled another all-nighter with essay and now video art project.

But... considering the amount of time I waste on fixing sleep-deprived-caused screwups, I'm not sure what's the most efficient way of working.

Uh, bar starting work in time for once.

I can't believe the semester is all but over – next week is final project and exam period and then people are pretty much leaving and there's nothing left to do but to hang out at the studio... I signed up for another Korean language course for January, though. It's a free of charge, but apparently, if you miss class or fail, you have to pay 200 000 won. Heheh. I even had to sign an oath. So anyway, I'm not going to Japan as planned, at least not in January. I'm still planning to go to Busan, though, before Minsub leaves for his exchange.

Anyway. More coffee, gotta finish this damn video.

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