My determination to fight the boredom (or loneliness?)* which tends to creep in as soon as I have time to spare was somewhat dampened today by waking up to a flat mix of hangover and period pains (I only seem to suffer from hangover when I'm on periods. Hmm.). I don't think I even drank that much last night – Steve is heading back to States next week so we went out "for a few rounds" and mostly stuck to beer, which I still haven't learned to like. But I seem to have over-drank soju last week in Busan, so beer was still preferable.

I managed to crawl out eventually to head to the International Office at campus to find out when next semester actually starts (March 3rd, with course registration at around Feb 26–28th), and then I went by the studio where I actually ran into some of the students. Wow, human contact! My professor apparently has a tradition to invite some of the students to her house at the beginning of every year, and I too was invited – only I don't know if it's supposed to be today or tomorrow, or what time, or where she lives, or who else has been invited... The students I met didn't know anything about it either. My inherent antisocial tendencies coupled with laziness (oh, and telephone-conversation phobia, haha) make me reluctant to try to find out. Damn it. I dunno.

I think it's because I'm in a (still) unfamiliar environment, but boredom, or lack of things to do really kills me here. With exchange students it's easier, I suppose, because we're all in the same situation, detached from the society and the 'normal' life, and everyone's equally in need of bonding with other people; but it's harder to get to know the Koreans, or to really befriend them, because (well, language barrier aside) they already have a social network and really have no need to make new friends. But then again, it was the same thing in Scotland and in Denmark, and I even saw it at my University with other Finnish students who moved to the capital area from elsewhere in Finland.

I know I should get out and do something, but I think, at least for today, I'm just going to stay in and tend my sore head and wallow in self-pity. I'll have another look at the world tomorrow. I guess. I just wish I had my Playstation!

*Most of the exchange students have left either permanently or until next semester, and I find myself mostly friend-less. Or at least in lack of people I would socialise with without any specific context. Or whatever.

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