I'm updating all possible blogs in my current state of fever delirium in hopes that eventually I'll pass out on the keyboard – I suppose a cup of coffee at around 10PM was too much, or possibly the insomnia can be traced back to the hours spent in bed during the day. It snowed in Seoul today. And I don't mean that sissy sleet that melts at the mere sight of a street pavement, I'm talking about the honest-to-god, santa-and-sleighbells kind of snowfall. Bastard. I fell twice walking back home from my late dinner (justified by being ill, I pestered one of my Korean friends to accompany me to a 죽* restaurant) and coffee-and-cigarettes sitting at the university clubhouse. I blame the fever – I'm a Finn, after all. If there's one thing we can be confident in, it's wading briskly and surely in any given amount of snow and ice. When I was a young lass...!

So in accordance to the late neglect of this particular blog, I've failed to document the adventures of Majbritt and myself during her three-week vacation in Korea (although the fact that my body totally gave up on staying upright after she left probably speaks more than any anecdotes). Thence, I give you parts one and two of the photographic documentation of said period. More photos will be upcoming as soon as I edit the remaining shots and we can agree what is publicly publishable and what isn't. (Trust me, some of those nite oot shots (poor pun inteded) you'll be happy to miss. Or would be, if you knew what you were missing. Anyway, carry on...)

And so, I'll move on to scribbling on my Finnish blog, and should I still fail to sleep after that, I may come back and tell you why phrases "Now I see her... Now I don't", "Pillowfight!" and "He pinched my fat!!" will fail to amuse you, while I'll probably fall over in hysterics in remembrance of silliness which once abounded.

(Reading that lot of gibberish, I should probably consider taking medication for the fever.)

*rice porridge, in lack of a better description

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