Wow, I was really sick yesterday – I was expecting to be already on the mend, but I ended up staying in bed all day and calling friends to bring me food (and bless Alex, he brought me hot 죽 (rice porridge), orange juice, ginger tea, cup noodles, and restocked my tissue supply). Daniel returned to Korea in the evening, he's my new neighbour across the hall. He gave me some more medicine and copied a couple of films on my laptop. Yay! Today I feel much better, but aside from lunch somewhere nearby, and dropping off my course enrollment at the office, I think I'm staying indoors.

Speaking of which – I'm trying to choose my courses for next semester (beginning next week), but I've pretty much exhausted the English-taught course options in the art department, and I just don't know what else to pick... I don't really feel comfortable calling any of my friends in the studio, because, well, I don't socialise with them outside of the class and studio environment, and it just feels weird.

The Korean language courses are annoying me – everything seems to be in cross schedule with all the courses I want to take, so either I'm missing one (out of three) or two (out of four) days off class per week, or, this semester, I don't take Korean language class. And that just sucks.

After getting dressed, going out for lunch, taking a walk to the office to drop off my form (and halfway back I remembered there was another course I wanted to register for), and walking to the campus ministore for some ice cream and munchies*, I have to conclude that I'm not well enough to attempt social life, or indeed any life that positions me outside of a reasonable reach to my bed. >_<

*If it is possible for one to be too sick for a bit o'munchies, I haven't discovered it yet.

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