I quoth directly from my DA page:
What to say.

This is a piece of work, which maybe requires some explanation. Or, if you want, you can just view it as a regular fetish painting. Suit yourself.

Women, especially here in Korea (what with the confucian ideology running rampant in the society), are strongly expected to fill a certain kind of role – in general, girls are supposed to have long hair, dress in skirts and behave accordingly... And I find that most women and girls comply. I chose to work with the concept of hair: it has strong symbolic value – it's considered desirable, a sign of pure femininity; but at the same time time excess or loose hair is viewed as something disgusting and grotesque. It symbolises both the compliance to expectations and the binding force that keeps her in place. The fact that she could easily cut herself free suggest that maybe she doesn't find the position as an object of desire completely repulsive either – or possibly it is simply necessary to conform to be able to operate within a society.

(That's certainly the strongest current in South Korea.)

I'm kind of embarrassed about this piece. Feminism is not something I feel particularly strongly about (probably my pragmatic Finnish background), but living in Korea has definitely put me into a position where I'm having to work on self-definition. Being a caucasian, black-wearing, short-haired, tattooed, overweight, smoking, drinking female of sarcastic and cynical disposition doesn't exactly make it easy to find my corner of the society. And I guess it's reflected in my artwork.

Acrylics on canvas. Size... uh.... 55cmX65cm? ish? I suppose I can check this later.

This is also the first time I stretched and primed my own canvas. Yay!

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