Hey, whatever

Final insult from the damn wire-sculpture – I was spray-painting it a couple of days ago, and managed to poke a badly-cut wire-end into my finger, which proceeded to bleed for hours. In the end, I looked as though I'd killed someone, because i kept wiping the blood into my other hand. (Apparently, I was too busy to go back inside and put a band-aid on it.)

Cherry trees are blossoming. Awesome. I was smiling all day yesterday – it was warm, and pleasant, and there are trees in bloom everywhere. Today's not so good. But that, also, can be a good thing, since I have to get myself to the studio and work on another angsty painting about self-definition and (not) fitting in. Haha.

Also, I have to take my computer somewhere to be fixed. There's a disc stuck inside which is not budging even if I use the Open Firmware command (or any of the other options suggested in online discussions, short of dropping the laptop onto the floor, or using a paperclip). I think I may also need a new hard drive (again), or possibly just have it checked and the OS reinstalled.
And I have no money. Damnit.

[Stupid sculpture, I hate you.]

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