Well, if my budget calculations are any good (which – given my inability to hold more than two numbers in my head at a time, or more than three bills in my wallet – they probably aren't), I should be able to afford to stay at least until August. Especially if I can get my act together and find a part time job (probably teaching English) for the summer... My visa's also good until end of August, and it'd give me a couple of extra months to possibly land an internship placement. Either way, yay! I can stay for at least a bit longer.

With the impending doom date of departure approaching, I find myself making observations about Korea and Koreans every day, and most of them are positive. I think I'm having a reverse culture shock already. In all honesty, a summer without my few but good exchange student friends will probably be bloody boring, as I don't think I can count on any of my Korean friends to provide for all my hanging-out needs. But I guess that remains to be seen... and there's that free Korean language course in July, of which I've heard tell.

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