i has art lol

If you're in Seoul and happen to be around the Korea University before Tuesday, I'm exhibiting a few paintings at the third year students' exhibition until then.


I was initially embarrassed ... no, scratch that, I'm still embarrassed to exhibit my paintings alongside with the fine art majors. But I got really good feedback from the professors, and also from other students. Although I think they might just be kind. And I got flowers. Donghun said he's never been to an art exhibition, but he's learned on TV that people bring flowers. Which I thought was cute. And the flowers are pretty. And they smell nice.

So, I'm hurting at the moment. In pain. Went drinking on Thursday night (which was the first brilliant idea of many brilliant ideas that evening, since I had class in the morning and the exhibition for the rest of the day...), and one of the better ideas of the evening received daylight (quite literally) when Daniel and I were on our way home.

We decided to play ball with a bottle of water (this was between 5:30 and 8 AM) and as a result, when I got up for class (two hours late), I almost cried because, well... look:

I couldn't move my hands. Haha. One of the best ideas ever! My feet didn't look much prettier, but at least I don't need them for getting dressed, opening doors, or typing. Or painting, as someone pointed out when scolding me. There's more photos, from the exhibition in this album, and well, lots of random recent photos in this album.

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