More beer, yay.

Today I met the guy from my university who was here for exchange a year ago, had a couple of beers together and *gasp* spoke Finnish! He called me when he arrived to Anam, and I wondered why he sounded so confused... until after the call I realised I had been speaking English to him all along. Oops.

So yesterday, I did my half-assed, unprepared presentation and since the teacher praises me anyway (one of the (questionable) benefits of being an exchange student), it doesn't really matter that my works and presentation pretty much sucked. Meh. And today, I had my next-to-final painting class, which would have been final if everyone had finished their required five paintings. Anyway... What I've been thinking lately... Since I compare myself to the other students (as far as artwork goes), I'm pretty aware of my own limitations. And so it kind of bothers me that most of my art teachers talk to me as though I'm some sort of a genius or have a special talent. Which I don't. For instance, my ink painting teacher claims that if I practice ten minutes each day, I "can be the best ink painter in the world." ...the hell? Not only is that blatantly unlikely, I think it's an unfair assessment of the students who actually study oriental painting and, as far as I can see, do a damn good job of it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I wouldn't like to be special. If it was for real.

Then again, maybe if I painted less depressive themes, they wouldn't feel the need to pamper me so.

And, except for one particular drawing class assignment, I'm pretty much done with this semester, artwork-wise. I have a final exam on Monday (or would have two if I hadn't decided to fail the other course), and then I'm all done for this semester. I'm attending the Korean language course in July, and failing to acquire an internship (which at this point requires a small-to-moderate miracle), I'm all but done with my exchange year at Korea.


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