Good news

I had a surprise interview yesterday for an internship in an animation company here in Seoul. It was pretty cool – one of the guys I know from the university is working in a short film production, and he knows one of the girls in the same production is currently doing an internship in an animation company... and the girl also knows me, since we took a class together last semester. I didn't really think anything would've come out of it, but suddenly on Tuesday I found that I had an interview appointment for Wednesday.

And it went really well – even though my Korean sucks, and the CEO didn't speak much English, he liked my portfolio and was willing to give me a placement almost right away. Since I've already promised to go back to Finland, he promised he'd have an opening for me in January... So, it seems I'll be returning in a few months! I am, however, merely carefully optimistic, since I'm well aware how things can change on a moment's notice... But, it still feels nice to get such a good reaction on my own merits – on my portfolio – as opposed to getting a placement solely based on someone else's recommendation. So I feel good.

We even had a very nice bulgogi dinner afterwards, with so-mek (soju & beer mixed). So I guess he liked me well enough. :)

Also, I spoke to my dorm manager today, and there's a good possibility I might actually not have to pay for my last week here. Which would be very nice indeed.

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