I had a discussion – for some reason – about dreams recently. It struck to me that I haven't had my usual recurring dream about being lost in a giant building (usually a department store, but it's been anything from commercial ships to luxury hotels) for a long time. Not since I came to Korea. I don't know what the dream means – if anything at all – but since I used to dream about it quite often, I figured it probably holds some significance. Anyway.

I'm bored out of my mind and, except for attending the Korean class*, I mostly just sleep through the days. My friends have all left, and even if I want to call the few Koreans who might want to hang out with me, I can't because I'm completely broke. Sigh... And I still don't know if I'm staying or going, although the odds are definitely tilting towards leaving Korea on August 7th.

*Which is boring, too. KU decided, for some bizarre reason, not to offer an "intermediate 1" level class this summer break, so I'm having to do "beginner 2" all over again. I took a level test for "intermediate 2" and it was way too difficult, because I simply didn't know any of the vocabulary. Five out of 9 students in my class have already done Beginner 2 last semester, although I'm the only one who used the same book as they use in this class. Anyway, needless to say, I'm pretty disappointed.

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