Cadness. I mean matness.

From presentation to another - I skipped one today as well. This time I agreed on it with the teachers, so it's all good. And last time I presented my old idea, and the teachers agreed that it wasn't a very good idea to make a very academic research. So, in the end, I'll be making a short animation film, and writing something about that. Somehow I've lost taste for the thesis, so I'll probably say goodbye to the thesis blog. Oh well...

Things are busy at the uni, but it's all good. I'm pretty much done with all the boring courses (except for that damn marketing, but I'll think about it only when I really have to), so I'm spending my days with three different animation projects - one of which includes live video. I'm doing the project with Senja, who is the cutest otaku ever, and our project requires for us to dress our friend Sini in colourful, cartoonlike outfit. The scary part is that 90% of the aforementioned outfit comes from my closet*. I'm supposedly the black-dressing one in the neighbourhood. Weird...

I'm enjoying 3D-modelling like a crazy person. The only problem is that the hours at the uni are limited and I can only use my faulty ol' mac for little surfing and light exercise**. Anyway, there's a couple of pictures I've put on my DA account, so I guess I might as well post them here as well.

WIP - 3D modelling practice.

Kittytron for Alex~

Because there's no bad reason to draw Kakashi and Iruka. Srsly.

The Karlsson Clan made a suggestion that I should dye my hair silvery white, and while I laughed it off then – now I'm thinking it might be kinda fun to try. It's one colour I've never had before. White fuzzy hair... and kitty ears.... Hee hee hee...

Oh, and I got my school-mate's place in a Korean class she stopped going to. I'm going there tomorrow, hopefully I can still actually speak any Korean. Which reminds me that I've emailed and faxed the company I'm supposed to do my internship in, but neither mode of communication seems to work. What's going on? ;__;

* Or a bunch of suitcases, as it is. For a few more days, anyway.
** Jouni and Joni kindly resurrected my undead one from the cold embrace of dead. It now spends its time (and mine) eating DVD discs, in lieu of brains. Don't ask about light exercise; it's complicated and involves foreign words, specific conditions, lots of wire and some exorcism.

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