Thesis topic in progress

Sometimes I like to dress up and wear make-up for no particular reason. I like to wear matching colours – especially now that I've learned to wear colours other than black (although it's still quite subtle, so people who don't know me for time might miss the change). I like it when everything matches, down to the smallest detail. I don't even care if nobody notices, so even today I made oven pancake wearing a purple shirt with matching socks and eye shadow.

I think cooking, and especially baking, can be a form of meditation same as any other creative exercise. In the same way, ironing clothes or sweeping the sidewalk is creative – it's an act of changing the state of one thing to another. In fact, I've tried the traditional form of meditating in silence and stillness, and to this day I haven't managed it. Maybe it's a female thing – while the body is idle, the mind is busy, and vice versa.

And so, through this weekend, I hope to arrive at conclusion over my thesis topic without straining my brain too much. This may not be the most effective technique, but at least I get to eat pancake. And wear socks that match my eyeshadow.

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