Lies, all lies

Well, I've gone the way of most of South Korea – I can't seem to get Big Bang's 거짓말 (Lies) out of my head, so until I manage to get myself to a music store (or get sick of the damn song), playing it over and over again on YouTube (our trusty friend). Thus far I've been unable to find decent rock or punk music in Korea (although to be fair, I haven't really looked very hard): seems most bands may look the part but really all they do is sing about love (funny love, sad love, lost love, new love, loving you although you left, loving someone random off the street, loving you despite the fact you dumbed me to go with my best friend, loving you but you have cancer and will die while i perform this song live and you listen to it over the phone in the hospital bed, etc).

So anyway, my obsession with Lies – I looked up the lyrics (which are weirdly enough in a romanised form), ended up typing them in hangeul, trying to translate them, finally looking up a translation online and then working my way down (or up?) from Korean to English. So I guess it's not all bad.

(Or, if you're interested, there's a version with English subtitles, but the sound is off)

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