Still bored

Wow, that seminar thingy was... a trial. Man, I said about stuff happening at the same time... so on Thursday evening, after the class, I was having dinner with Takeshi when suddenly the guys from Busan called me* to say they're in Seoul – only for tonight. So I ended up heading out to Hongdae (Hong-ik University area) to meet them (and Ai-chan and Eun-Mi**); I told them I was due to have breakfast with the professor and her guests at 8:30 in the morning, so I couldn't stay long. And promptly proceeded to drink soju until four in the morning.

One of my life's brighter moments, there. I had the worst headache as I fought my way through the morning rush hour to Inchon, tried to appear friendly and interested at people all day long, and found out the seminar was really more about religion than philosophy (which is fine by me, even if my interest is really merely academical), survived the first day without making too much of a fool of myself (I hope), and then came back for the following two days as well.

Aside from that experience, the life has failed to surprise or entertain me lately (of course, I have no part in this). I've been hanging out at the studio (studying and painting) and up until Wednesday it was fun because some of the guys were preparing for their exhibition so there was always someone there. At least to order food, since that's still one thing I can't do in Korea.*** But since the exhibition started, the studio is empty except for me, and I'm looking at the prospect of being really, really, really damn bored for the next couple of weeks... But I spoke with Cat Eyes (remember my friend from Denmark?) and since her plans regarding a trip to Bolivia fell through, she's coming to Korea instead for three weeks! Yay!

The timing is perfect, too: she's coming after the Korean class ends, and before all the action for the next semester starts. I kind of want to make another trip to Busan with her, but I'm not sure exactly what there is to do aside from drinking with the boys... Haha.

Speaking of which, my favourite Korean has left (or is leaving today) the country: Minsub's headed over to Netherlands for his own exchange year. I'll miss him next semester. Here's me n Minsub lookin' mean:

*OK, actually I already found out from Ai-chan that Minsub was in Seoul but hadn't told me, and I was sending him text messages to berate him. But to keep the story short...
**Who had been invited, but I'm not bitter...
***Never mind the fact I can't do it in Finland either.

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