oh shit, i'm late for class

Just when you think you're all set for an uneventful week and prepare to succumb to boredom, things that have been lurking around for several weeks suddenly all gather up and pile on you. And so on Monday I ended up working at the fresco studio again until early hours, and I was supposed to go yesterday too... But I met people at the studio, and Changuk and I ordered food – and beer. The beer came in recycled Pepsi bottles. Korea <3! Changuk Adrian gave me some acrylic paints and taught me how to (sorry, don't know the correct technical terms) set up and prepare a canvas for painting on, so now I'm almost all set for painting something of my own. In a studio full of fine art majors. Damn.

Today it's KyuSun's birthday, but I'm not sure what the plan is. From Friday to Sunday I'm supposed to go to some life/philosophy seminar with my professor (dreading that just a bit), and someone was talking about having a party with the language course people this week, but I can't possibly fit anything more in. All that's missing is the history class from last semester to finally decide to have that party they've been talking about for weeks...

(yes, the title was the last thing I wrote. Before this.)

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