At a second glance

I went out today to get some art supplies for next week. There's a place not too far from Korea University, so I took the bus there (ended up missing the shop by several bus stops, but the weather was nice, and even Daniel (whom I took along for company and physical labour) agreed that it was nice to be out of Anam area for a while, even if it was just to backtrack the bus route and have another shot at locating the elusive art store), did my shopping, and took a bus back. The driver was grumbling all the way, honking at kids crossing the street, at delivery guys on scooters, at other buses, at anything that offended his right-of-way; he scolded the passengers for getting on too slow. Daniel and I exchanged glances and rolled our eyes. What an arse.

And then a couple of kids got off at their stop. The bus drove on. After a while the driver exclaimed "Aaiishhhh...!", pulled the bus to a halt, and while the passengers were wondering what the hell was going on, he grabbed a folder one of the kids had forgotten, got out of the bus and yelled at the kid in question to come and get it.

Not such a bastard after all, I guess.

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