Coochie Snortcher was a new one

I went to see Vagina Monologues today at the Chung-ang University Art Hall with 11 other girls* and enjoyed it. It was mostly funny, partly outrageously funny, partly touching, and... well, I couldn't really identify with the part about childbirth. I'm pretty skeptical about all all-pussies-unite, yay-girlpower, female empowerment things (I'm OK enough with myself that I don't need to overcome or overcompensate for the fact that I'm a female), but all in all, it was an enjoyable experience. It also felt as though I did a small good deed, as the proceeds went to the Dasi Hamkke organisation, and found that although I'm in general pretty liberal and open-minded about pretty much any conversation topic that I've encountered so far, it was (in lack of a better word) liberating or relaxing to spend a few hours only concentrating on, well, the vagina. I suppose it's because this is a topic that simply does not pop up in a conversation, but in the end, it does play a fairly significant part in life (women's lives, anyway). I mean, it's far more likely to get caught up in a conversation about penises.

Anyway... I'm not sure what men get out of it (given the topics, it's possible they might walk out feeling randomised guilt or being put upon), but I think women at least will enjoy the event and I warmly recommend checking out Vagina Monologues.

And as for tonight's program, I have another mind-map exercise to do, need to plan out my first sculpture assignment (to figure out what I need to acquire by way of materials by Tuesday) and should catch up on next week's readings. Am I forgetting anything?

*and let it be known I hope this is the last time I'll attempt to have lunch in a large female company

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