This post includes the word "vagina"*

I felt like photographing the sunrise this morning in all it's unspectacular-ity: the sky was grey and the sun was orange.

As the semester has began to settle in a routine, I have little time for social paranoia. (And as usual, PMS symptoms eventually went away.) This can only be a good thing. But occasionally – and this is only the second week – I wonder if I'm, well, batshit insane (to quote, I'm not sure, possibly Ursula Verson) to take this many classes.

(Because you know you want to know:) Contemporary Korea, Digital Image, Film & Broadcasting Criticism, Form & Sculpture, Ink Painting Study, Drawing (in Korean!), (New Methods of) Painting – and Media Aesthetics, which I'm sitting in on without credits, because it's interesting, relevant to my studies, but half the classes are at odds with my Sculpture class. Oh, and the Korean course I'm taking at the Korea Foundation. And we just agreed to start a Korean study group for Tuesdays, too. And I've promised to tutor Daniel on his Korean. And I'm still doing a language exchange with Borah (with addition of her friend Ji Eun, who's joining our study blog). Shit. I really am insane.

On the other hand, I like my courses. I'd sit in on the History of Korean Social Movements (well, half the classes again) as well, but I had to hold back because I think I simply can't do it. Yeah. Anyway...

So for my Ink Painting class we'll only do one project this semester, which is a nice thought, but on the other hand it's a little intimidating:

[one project = must be impressive]

I'm supposed to present some sort of an idea tomorrow morning, but I gots nothing. To top that off, she's actually not teaching the technique – we're supposed to research that ourselves. For Friday, I need to prepare a presentation on my existing artwork (oh, and shop for stuff for the Drawing class), and, of course, do my Korean homework. So, this weekend, I need to prepare for my Tuesday's study group meeting by learning the first chapter in the text book; decide on, plan and get materials for the first project in the sculpture class (and find a hardware store); do my Digital Image homework (and hopefully start on the first "real" assignment); read next week's articles for Contemporary Korea and Film Criticism... And go see the Vagina Monologues on Sunday. Cool!

Above: the view from where I'm sitting – ten minutes ago. (I really need some new lenses for my camera...) I'm finding all these neon-crosses blazing on the sky strangely offensive, although I'm pretty much used to them by now.

*what, didn't want you to miss it.

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